Date night with me, myself and I.




This was something I wrote two years ago when I finally decided to face my fears and go out on a date with only myslef

Summer 2015…

Last night I decided to try a “solo” date night. I was curious to know (besides the obvious reasons) what it was like to treat myself out in the nighttime. Sure I’ve gone out in the day doing the things I’ve enjoy doing but I wanted to know how it felt like to date myself for once. Many times we depend or wait on another person to take us out or simply to try something new and most of the time (speaking from my experiences) its something we don’t want to do. Sure it’s nice and all to have someone to share it with, but if your partner is not “into “ what you really like then why are we so hesitant to try on our own? I wanted to just make it clear, when it comes to being in a relationship, I believe spending time with each other is important and especially if you both share similar interests. Good for the couples that have found someone who loves doing and likes the same things you do. But for those who don’t share the exact same interests, I don’t think you should settle and only do what your partner likes. I believe you need to compromise. But just incase your partner does not want to compromise, I believe it’s absolutely fine if you feel like you need to have one night, a day, an hour, or a few minutes by yourself doing the things you want to do (in a positive way) on doing things on your own. The same goes to someone who is single. Just because your single it doesn’t mean it should limit you to do less with your life, because you decided to do things by yourself. This includes males or females. Especially females, (speaking from a females point of view). I’ve actually had the most fun by myself (stepping out of my comfort zone &as scared as I may be) by trying to take myself out or simply doing the things I love on my own. I began doing this recently. It hasn’t been a walk in the part type of change but I’ve actually feel that’s its made me much braver than I’ve ever imagined. I feel like I had lost myself for a while and I feel like I’am slowly coming back to myself or the person I’am meant to be.

Things I’ve learned about dating myself so far:

You can still have a great time or time of your life on your own

It forces you to become more social (even if you’re a introvert, like me). You meet new people, sometimes when your with someone it limits us to just speak to the people we are with and not be as social with someone other people.


You get to leave when you want to leave. You don’t have to stay if you don’t want, or leave early because your friend of partner isn’t “feeling the place”.


Ironically, you can still be yourself when you’re by yourself. In fact, you feel you can be more yourself because you are with a group strangers and you probably wont ever see them before and that gives you a sense of I can be myself no matter what. Who cares if I look like a weird dancing queen singing like I was Beyoncé.


You get to stand wherever you want or move closer when your by yourself. I once went to a concert outside, and this witty, funny nice man from England was looking at me take pictures from my phone, he said he can help me get a better view, since we were so far away. I agreed to his suggestion and we ended up going where people paid close to 500 per ticket. Yes that’s right! I felt a little rebellious doing that, but it was only for a few minutes to get that “good” better picture I wanted. In fact, even the people that worked their noticed they weren’t our actual seats but they were kind enough to let us stay to take the few pics we wanted then we left and tried a different spot to have enough room to dance and enjoy the rest of the concert. It was a great experience!


I’am not saying that may always happen but its little things like that that make you realize, going out on your own isn’t as bad as people may make it seem.


Of coarase I know you may be thinking, you’re a female and going out by yourself in the night? Isn’t dangerous? Well of coarse with everything that goes on in this world, its natural to be realistic and think that. I do, I just have to remember we can’t live life out of fear

Just because of what we hear or see in this world, we have to ofcoarse be careful. Just like our daily life, it isn’t any different. Things happen day and night, but it is up to us to make the post of them. Believe that you are safe and obviously go with your gut feeling. How will we ever know if that concert was ever going to be a great time if we don’t try or that country or place you been meaning to travel to. ? you don’t, not until you take that leap of faith, believe that you will be ok, and try it. I firmly believe if you are a kind person, you help people, you have a good attitude, there’s nothing that can stop you. You just got to keep trying and believing.